Support Community helps your mobile initiative.

We offer tools and spaces for all of your stakeholders, including your clients, your volunteers, and your donors.

All in one mobile app.

Do you want to grow your relationships and increase engagement with the people that matter most?

You will have the tools to increase involvement, access to services, and dollars raised. Provide a space where your stakeholders can become more involved with announcements, programs, and reports about your sustainable impact.

Customized Mobile App

We want your platform to be a perfect fit. You know your community best, and we work with you to make the vision come to life. Have a unique idea? We will work with you to provide the right features for your community. Customize your mobile app.

You are in Control

Our intuitive Admin Dashboard allows you to seamlessly integrate your mobile app with your existing software services, upload your selected content for the tools you choose, send out important messages and track the activity and requests in community. Beyond the admin dashboard, administrators will receive push notifications and emails to help track activity and requests in the community.

It's therapeutic

Through research and experience, we developed the Support Community platform to help people. We know that through connection, information, and a safe place to create meaning and purpose through challenging times, people can cope well during difficult times. Our team of social and health Psychologists dedicate the provision of the best tools for your cause.


Support Community uses security measures consistent with current best practices to protect its website, mobile app, data, and email, among others. These measures include technical, procedural, monitoring, and tracking steps intended to safeguard data from misuse, unauthorized access, or disclosure, loss, alteration, or destruction.

We update our systems frequently so that we are using current security technology. We regularly review activity logs to identify potential technology. We periodically review activity logs to identify potential problems. We have systems in place to prevent unauthorized access to your information from unknown or untrusted sources. We review our information collection, storage, and processing practices, including physical security measures, to guard against unauthorized access to systems. We are ready to move quickly to isolate problems, ensure or restore proper functionality and minimize any inconvenience to our customers.

Our website and mobile app handle communication between our users and our backend servers using encryption and secure communication methods. Encryption protects the data by scrambling it as it travels between devices and servers. It helps to keep your information safe and private.

Integrate your Software Stack

One of the first things we do is take an inventory of your software stack. We want to integrate all of your software to help you save time and money as well as provide an excellent client experience.

We integrate with:


Google Calendar

Donors Databases


Hospitality/Client Databases





Family Registry
Ultra Camp



Payment Systems

Apple Pay
Google Pay

Volunteer Management

Volunteer Hub

Document Signing

Adobe Sign

We Have Your Back

Need help with anything? We are available 24/7. We do the hosting for your online community so that you can focus on growing it and generating meaningful content. We ensure 99.9% uptime. No matter the size of your community, we got you covered.