Unleash the power of your community to help fundraise for your cause so you can help more people and create an even bigger impact.

Give your community the opportunity to create meaning in their life by
providing them the tools to help.

Here are the ways to raise funds on your Support Community Platform

Paid Membership
Fundraising through Members Stories
Sell Advertising
Sell Sponsorships

Fundraising through Stories

Members of your community can create fundraisers through
a story they publish. We built tools to share these stories on
social media, letting members share their story in their
different online worlds. Our story telling guide helps people
tell their complete story, including highs and lows, and is
meant to help express the complete experience, often
eliciting emotion from the reader. People that read the
stories will see how people in their lives have been
impacted by your cause, increasing awareness and
generating more funds for your cause.

Integrated Payments

You can choose from Stripe or PayPal to accept donations. Donations go directly to you.
We help you design and build your donation form

Make Your Development Team Happy

Use the stories and content generated on your platform, created
by your members, to generate fundraising material. Development
will never have to struggle again to find compelling and powerful
stories. Use them on Facebook, Instagram, newsletter campaigns, and
anything else.

Supports Your Relationships with Pharmaceuticals, Medical Device Companies, and Other Helpful Partnerships

Provide advertising space for those companies trying to help your cause. Strategically place adds so that your community can learn about the medical resources available to them. The different tools we provide offer a perfect fit for corporate sponsors.